Hinckley Area Chamber of Commerce

Fall Fest Food Vendor Space


We’re looking for Food Vendors that can offer FOOD AND/OR DRINK (non-alcoholic) FLIGHTS in addition to their usual mouthwatering menus.

Take a moment to review the provided venue layout to view Food Vendors locations (F1-F6). Then, select your desired location. We’re excited to see you at this year’s event!

There will be no fee charged at checkout, but these spaces will require a 10% fee of total sales from the event (minimum of $100) payable by Sept. 30, 2024.

After checkout, make sure to complete your application and ST-19 form provided below. They are fillable online and can be emailed to shelli@starmakermarketing.com.
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SKU: WWBooth-1-1 Category:




Food Vendors are not charged upfront but pay 10% of their total sales at the event(minimum of $100).

1) You will need to complete an ST-19 form.
2) Download and fill out the Food Vendor application form.
3) Provide proof of the necessary insurance as outlined on the application.

SKU: WWBooth-1-1 Category: